Where is the Hitpoint?

Maryetta Buckner
2 min readDec 21, 2020


So its Aloha Friday, I had started getting into my laser beam. Started by creating a line renderer on an empty object and setting the position in front of the enemy. So far so good. Continued to creating a script for the behavior . Okay get the line renderer and enable. This next area really bogged me down a bit. I needed to set the start point and the end point of the line. so I started from my position at the enemy then moved the end point to the player. Then I realized logically this would not make sense because every time the line is enabled it would automatically hit the player. Okay scratch that. I couldn’t say transform. down either because I needed a Vector3 position, so that’s not going to work. Lets go back to some of the resources I found. By scrolling through some of the info I found that they made another empty object as a hit point. Alright. set up an empty object outside the bounds of the screen and stretched it from end to end. Now the laser is stuck to one central area at the bottom of the screen as the enemy moved across. HUH!?! Ok lets rethink. Oh, lets attach the hit point to the enemy so it will follow the movement of the enemy at a certain distance. Yes!!! that was it ok line created. After this I had taken my break before the our all hands on meeting.

This was very eye opening! The meeting started with the project team and the awesome game they created called “Nova Star” by Gamedevhq. It was wonderful to see the creativeness, teamwork and obstacles they overcame in creating a game. It looked great and after the meeting I tried my hand with it. Wow!!! This is the goal, this is what being a software engineer is about. I definitely will need more practice but they have become a inspiration to continue on this journey even after the program has ended. Great job guys!!!

Then Jonathon went over the in’s and out’s of job searching. There is so much opportunity out there but also when it comes to creating a game and being successful in profiting is hit or miss. But the important thing was to create a following, promoting your project by devblogging your journey. Don’t wait till it is done to let anybody know. Then also the importance of networking and keeping your portfolio, devblog and LinkedIn up to date. Also, taking small steps to getting into big name companies by doing small contract projects to help build your portfolio. Very helpful and informative info. I will need to keep myself active and honing my skills a little more but who know what the future will hold! Thank you Jonathon!!!!

Well lets see how much time I can get it in this weekend.