Thankful…Climbing Mountains

Maryetta Buckner
1 min readDec 15, 2020

I’m back! after a long weekend of recuperating from an illness it was time to get back on track to an extent, I guess. Started my day with a few bugs. I guess my last session did not save and I had to make some corrections. Then went ahead continuing my research into Unity 2D physics. While researching we had an all hands team meeting and I was hoping for some good news. Unfortunately, we are still in somewhat of a limbo with the program and waiting for final word still. As of now, Friday is my last day of internship (crossing fingers it will not). But that doesn’t mean the learning stops! Thank you to Gamedevhq, all courses will still be available for us for our lifetime. I am very grateful for this opportunity to get my feet wet and take a dip into software programming using Unity Technologies. Now it will be up to me to continue practicing and improving my skills on my own. This internship for the last thirty days has given me the foundation to creating awesome games, using logic, problem-solving, independent research and creativity. Stay tuned as my journey may take small steps but they still lead to the same goal.

The focus this week is to pass my recertification tomorrow and start setting things up for plan B. Looking and applying for new opportunities and sneak in a little work on my Spaceshooter game.

Also shout out to Jonathon for the opportunity as well being transparent and an awesome role model and teacher.