Maryetta Buckner
2 min readDec 10, 2020


After working on my vortex for the last couple of days the Black hole gravity pull is now working. YES!!! I was finally able to get this going. It was actually quite simple. Previously I was trying to grab the player with a tag and get the position. The connection was just not there also instead of the vortex pulling the player I had the script backwards and the player was trying to pull the vortex. I think I confused my self when I kept going back and forth from player to enemy script, to figure put what would work best. I adjusted the speed and it was good to go. Then back to the spawning where I adjusted the “waitforseconds” before respawning due to the overflow on screen. Awesome. Then moving forward to having the player pickup powerups near by using the “C” key. I figured it would be simple as I had just got my gravity pull going. Unfortunately it didn’t work the same. Got some advice to use for loop or even simpler use collider. Collider was not working out for me. instead I wanted to get another task down and will revisit in the morning. Moving forward I inputted the my level spawning system and rebalanced the spawn systems. Squeezing in my negative pick up to slow down the player. Haven’t decided on my sprite visual yet and which spawn level to place it in. Putting in some extra time today due to many distractions during the day. All in all I think it was a pretty productive day after being stuck for a couple of days.

I would like to share my vortex pull but my trial has ended for my file converter. I’ll see if I have some time to find another and edit this post.

Have a great Night!!!