Raycast- Debug.Log (“object detection” +hit.collider.name)

Maryetta Buckner
1 min readDec 22, 2020

Console: Object detection null

So I have been trying all day to get my laser to detect my Player. It has been detecting other things expect the one thing I need it to detect. I have rewritten the script to hit collider and rigid body but still was not getting it to work. I’ll continue work on it tomorrow and possibly reach out for some assistance.

While trying to get this going, I decided to take a break and jump in to Dan and Austin demo on Trajectory Prediction system. This was definitely a lot to take in. I like math but I am not good at it. Which is probably why I enjoy programming. It’s the problem solving and having that moment of enjoyment when you get something! I’ll have to go back and take look at it again on my own pace.

I will update tomorrow on how things are going with my laser.