Today is officially my first week! YAY. I’m so happy with what I was able to accomplish. Finishing up from yesterday I got my triple lasers aligned. I had to go back to make sure I didn’t miss anything and it simply was aligning everything individually starting at zero, aside from what I had been doing was setting zero as a set then aligning them.

Here’s the fun part of my day, working with the assets, creating power-ups and linking the power ups to the player for a special boost. I enjoyed getting through this, as it definitely worked my brain! As @Jonathan Weinberger stated “pretend that you are the object” what do you do, what should happen, who do I need to communicate with. It did slow me down a bit as I didn’t realized how much time I actually spent on just the Triple laser boost and at one point I did end up glitching out on Play. OOPS! Once that was done I got into speed boost. I decided to go full force with this one without any referencing back to the course. I still referenced through my script a bit . I tend to get my punctuations mixed up. All in all I found myself improving with troubleshooting and debugging as well as Coroutine.

Coroutines are like a break in the script function that changes the norm and using IEnumerator to return it back to its cycle. Which reminds me of battery operated lights with a timer. If your switch is down the lights are off, when its up the lights are on, but after 6 hours the lights will turn off (the switch is still positioned up). Does that even make sense? 🤔. It makes sense in my head.

I am currently halfway through finishing my shield behavior. hoping to get a little C# survival tonight.

Here are my powerups (except for Shield):

Have a Great day!




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Maryetta Buckner

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