Phase II: Final Chapter

Well as you can guess from the title I have moved forward into the next set of challenges. Unfortunately I have not yet figured out how to get my crosshair to to instantiate onto the enemy. I did reach out today but I guess its just not going to happen today. I appreciate the assistance and I will revisit this issue this weekend. The solution is right there as if “it’s on the tip of my tongue”.

I did end up spending my day researching for my projectile. After deciding to move forward I looked through the next set of challenges. In order for me to be satisfied I had to complete at least 1 challenge before end of day. Of course I picked the most basic thing I could do. It was adding a max ammo count on screen. As simple as it may be I did have a little issue but I learned something new. Let me explain, since I already have an ammo count text on screen I figured I would just throw in the additional text “Max” right under. once I had implemented this the text was not doing what I expected it to do. This was for it to be on a new line right under my ammo count. After I checked in play mode it kept moving next to the ammo amount. Visually it just did not look right. No matter how I adjusted the script it did not line up. I looked up the most basic thing, new line break in text and learned that simply adding a string line before the line break will create what I want. This simple string is “\r\n”. Who knew a line break needed I script as well! Obviously not me 😂.

Now that, that was done I had time to move to the next item.

I am currently on creating an enemy shield but the catch is…only some will have a shield ability to withstand a single hit. My prefab is done and I will continue to complete the implementation tomorrow.




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