“One way or another I’m gonna find ya”

_isGoalMet= False

I have left my mind in a jumble for today. I couldn’t decide how I should approach my Phase II challenges. I have researched and watched the C# survival. I think I have overloaded myself with so many implantations related or not related to what I had in mind. I also mapped out different scenarios. I just didn’t want to create unnecessary multiples of game objects and scripts. And then I threw myself at the idea of levels instead of waves. At each level I can have different enemies to spawn with the final boss at the end. well I guess in some sense that is the same thing.

so currently here is what my thought process was for the day, enemy is created with a certain behavior (movement or firepower). Certain enemies would be set off by each level. Then I thought of using a switch statement used by the spawn manager to instantiate the enemies I want to set for each level. This unfortunately did not turn out well as I tested the method out, but it doesn’t mean its not possible. The spawn routine I have for the original enemy threw everything off. Another way was to create a standard prefab of an enemy and create the other enemy behavior. Only thing with this was that the enemy commonalities are just not sufficient enough. Then the thought of using delegates came to mind as well as arrays. Did I mention the getting caught up in scripts that are irrelevant.

Are you dizzy yet? I am.

Planning stages are still happening.

Also enjoyed getting more insight on obtaining different sprites for projects during our team meet today.

Good night!