Hello again! let’s go over my progress and challenges to cap the week off.

Continuing with adding effects today by adding an explosion animation to the asteroid which starts once destroy. This is where my challenge began. I moved a couple folder files to organize some of my animations. This happened because I failed to check the location of where I was saving. This caused all my animations to stop. so I began debugging all my power ups but yet could not find any issues. I moved into the Unity editor to make sure scripts were attached and prefabs were set. Yet I could not find where the problem lied. Then, going into each prefab and verifying the animators were on, components in place, and Animation controllers were set. AHA. In the Animation-Dopesheet window I noticed something missing. The sprite for the animation was gone. Even though the animation was still saved in my assets they didn’t work. My fix, start fresh which I didn’t mind as the repetition helps me practice the setup. Phew.

Notice my animation was created and saved but no recording. Another possibility might be that I may have forgotten to press record prior to animation. Thoughts?
This is what it should have looked like. (This was after I deleted and redid it)

Now that everything was working right I continued forward. Got my OnTrigger Collider set on the asteroid as a to the start game once destroyed. Also adding thrusters and engine damage visualization. Didn’t quite get my scripting on this video challenge but I think I might have over thought this one.

Off to Post processing. I installed the package and I’m excited to start toggling this over weekend. I did play a little but decided I would come back when I start polishing up and personalizing the game a little.

Still need to fix damage from destroyed enemy.

I did extend on my time today and started getting into audio. That background music is bump’ in!

Enjoyed our all hands on session today!

Have a Great Weekend!!!