I Will Fix You!

So I started the day and there was some large bumps in the road. Began inputting effects into the game and I just didn’t quite get it right. This is how I spent my day.

Thanks to the help of team lead, Dan Schatzeder, problem is fixed! Mahalo! I will definitely need a little more practice with this one.

Though I didn’t reach my goal for the day I did reflect on better steps to take to resolve issues. First, and I repeat cross your t’s and Dot your i’s. Todays hurdle reiterated the importance of making sure things are typed out correctly a simple capitalization makes a big difference as well. Next, I found myself referencing back into the video, over and over, but what I failed to do was simply to just rewrite the script instead of comparing it. This would have saved me a lot of time. Another is to get some well needed sleep. Last, asking for assistance! I can be shy sometimes and I guess a little selfish to figure things out on my own. I appreciated the help, and as Dan said, sometimes you just need someone else to look at it, to find the issue, which can be one of those OMG moments. Again thank you to my team lead for your help!😃

Also I learned a useful tip today!

When using “=”and “==”

“=” is a hard statement, like a fact (ex. it is)

“==” is almost like a question (ex. if it is).

Well I am cutting it short for the day. Gonna get me some rest and have a fresh pair of eyes and an alert brain for tomorrow.

Just to poke some fun. I have a little quiz. Can you find my mistake?

(Hint: I mentioned both in my blog)

Good Night!!!



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