Alright! Raycast is detecting Player!!! Thanks to Jared for the assistance! So apparently I had missed a step to get the Raycast to detect player. So we looked at the sorting layer which was all good. Then we added the layer mask to the player and the laser beam script. still no detection. As Jared looked back he asked if I assigned the layer mask in the inspector in the Laserbeam script. Voila!! Player detected and destroyed! Thanks again Jared! Now I can move forward and continue the behavior for the laser beam. As I continued my day, I started the coroutine for the line renderer. Looks like I will be going back to some course videos as it was just not working right. I can get it to start then it won’t stop. Then moved some things around added a can fire method this time it just completely stops working. Removed the can fire method and relooked at the IEnumerator script. This time I can get it to start and stop but it glitches out and flashes in game even though line renderer is disabled. Relooked and rewrote the script. LOL this time I crashed Unity. OOPS. Hmm. Another challenge to push through.