Welcome back! Today’s focus was user interface. The Spaceshooter is beginning to come together. Here, I thought 3D to 2D was amazing, low and behold its the little details that really make the game come alive. I can’t wait to start adding animation and sound!

Accomplishments today was getting my shield powerup completed and began adding score count and life count on screen. This was definitely not as simple as I thought. Started getting into Unity Editor a little bit some behind the scene action!{Canvas}. Working with the canvas was not to bad. I got through getting the Score text on screen and then really working my knowledge on handles and connecting them. “Aha, a secret room!” so I spent hours on trying to figure out how to make my script work. I went ahead to the challenge review to find a small but very important aspect to getting a connection by using UnityEngine.UI. This allows you interact with the Unity Editor interface like the canvas, click buttons, text boxes, etc. After a much needed coffee break it was time to add lives to the screen and reflect how many lives are left after damage hits. What happens you run out of lives? Right the game ends. this was a mini refresher to Coroutine. (Nice!)

Sores and Lives up and running
Game Over and restart

I headed into the Effects VFX and got a little over my head for the the day, but hey here’s a peak 😁.