2D Development progression

Mr.Cube is shooting!

Today I have progressed a little and now I am able to create a player (Mr. Cube) to shoot (remember to use your imagination!) This did not happen without some troubleshooting. Let me explain.

I was hoping to get a good start and move into the enemies section, but due to some errors and technical difficulties I was unable to reach my goal for the day. I began with scripting my laser object and learned about Prefab, which is definitely useful when creating multiple objects and being able to have them share the same traits. Since starting I wondered if you would have to create a script over and over for multiples of the same object ( I imagined pages and pages of repetitious script). Moving on, learning how to instantiate. Taking my laser having it spawn to an assigned key and also from whatever position the player is at, Now Mr. Cube is dropping eggs. This is where the problems started. I begin next phase and pop up errors occurs.

This happened twice. Not sure of cause but rebooting, disable/enable, reboot again and defaulted editor view. which led to next error.
This was due to an asset I explored for recording in play mode called (awesome assets, which in this case was not very awesome.✌ ). Found in my assets and removed it. lesson learned.

After seeking help from Joanne and also from discord(gamedevhq community) I was able to work through it. Thank you!

I had to break away for a bit and jumped back on after dinner. Progressing a little slow, but hey, “slow and steady wins the race” Still didn’t meet my goal for the day, but its time for bed. 🥱.

check how far I got:




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